Foundations of Herbal Medicine with D’coda

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Class schedule 2017

Tuesday Classes:

This year, Tuesday Foundations of Herbal Medicine classes cover the Principles of Therapy

4-6 pm. Note: there may be rescheduling due to weather.

Cost: $25 plus supplies. Supplies usually run around $5 for the herbal make and take products.


  • an e-book on the topic
  • In depth information on specific herbs related to the topic
  • Depending on the herb and weather, visiting herbs in the sanctuary and grounds

April 25                 Eliminants 2: Draining Diuretics, Emmenagogues, Emetics, Laxatives

May 9                    Draining Method 1:  Clear Heat, resolve Fever, reduce Inflammation

May 23                  Draining Method 2: Enliven Blood, remove Congestion, moderate Menses

June 6                   Draining Method 3: Relaxant Herbs to Circulate Qi, Loosen Constraint

June 20                 Altering and Regulating 1: Promote Cleansing, clear toxins, resolve toxemia  

Regulate Fluids & Promote Cleansing; Benefit Skin & Promote Cleansing

July 18                   Altering and Regulating 2:   Promote Cleansing, clear toxins, resolve toxemia

Diuretic resolvents; Soften Deposits, Promote Catabolism & Cleansing

Aug 1                     Altering and Regulating 3:  Promote Cleansing, clear toxins, resolve toxemia

            Resolve Tumors, Stimulate Lymph

Aug 15                  Altering and Regulating 4: Regulate Hormones

Aug 29                  Altering and Regulating 3:  Regulate Qi, Yin, and Yang

Sep 12                   Neurological Disorders

Sept 26                 Psychospiritual Herbalism

Oct 10                   Bacterial Infections

Oct 24                   Viral Infections

Nov 7                    Autoimmune Disorders

Dec 5                     Cardiovascular Disorders

Friday Classes

9:30 – 5:30   $80

Classes include:

  • Ebook
  • Working directly with the plants in forest, field and gardens
  • Lunch
  • Make & Take herbal preparations

May 19:           The Plant Connection: principles of wildcrafting, plant communication identification , making plant allies

June 16            Plant Allies for Women’s Cycles: What’s going on during our hormonal transitions and how do plants assist us? From youth to old age.

July 14             Herbal Energetics: how we determine which plants to use for which conditions

August 18        Philosophy of Healing & It’s Principles: Moving beyond treating symptoms to the whole person.

Sept 15            Botany for Herbalists

October 13      Making Herbal Medicines

Nov 17             Herbal Treatment of Pain

December 15   Winter Wellness