Aldebaran School of Planetary Tantra

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit language, specifically from the two root words tanoti “stretch, extend, expand”, and trayati “liberation”.  Another etymology of “tantra” from the verbal roots tan and tra, tan meaning “propagate, elaborate on, expand on” and tra meaning “save, liberate, protect”.  Planetary Tantra is a devise for expanding our awareness into identification with our Planetary Deity and liberates us into an expanded capacity for joy, love, power and intelligent activity.

It is also the set of techniques or practices for achieving that objective.  Those techniques include yoga meditation, mudras, mantras, yantras, initiation and shamanic rituals that honor and invoke the spirit of the Earth. Other supportive techniques used in the school include self-inquiry, group work, communing with nature, transformational art, writing, study and Star Based Astrology (the Tropic and Sidereal forms of astrology do not use the stars).

The Aldebaran School of Planetary Tantra is the creation of  Heidi Astraia, but its roots began from the time prior to Abrahamic religions, when humanity lived in and communed daily with Nature, gaining wisdom direct from The Source.  Nature is also known as Mother Earth, who has never been and will never be an inanimate object. Our Earth is a living “Divine Being” and The Source of Life, Love, Wisdom and Knowledge. She is the one being addressed when we pray or talk with “God”.  She is known throughout the world by many names and outside of the Abrahamic religions, She is referred to in the female gender. Her masculine consort is the Sun, known by the Greek name Helios.  In the Aldebaran School, we encourage a personal relationship and urge students to address Her with a name that is personally meaningful.  In this School She is referred to by the Teachers with the ancient Greek name of Gaia Sofia.

Planetary Tantra is not dogmatic. It encourages each individual to use the techniques and practices to learn how to communicate directly with Gaia.  And then to creatively define their own path.

In 2017, the Aldebaran School of Planetary Tantra will begin offering online courses and special events. Please sign up for our Newsletter to stay apprised of our progress.

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Recommended reading and watching regarding the Cosmic Origin Theory:

“Not in His Image” by John Lamb Lash (Mythology of planetary origin based on the Nag Hammadi.)

“Journey of the Universe” by Mary Evelyn Tucker & Brian Thomas Swimme (Origins based in the Big Bang theory.)

My Planetary Tantra classes, workshops and retreats are an opportunity to explore the link between your personal journey of tantric transformation and the big picture of cosmology; the evolution of the life of our planet journeying in an electromagnetic universe and your personal niche within that greater Life.

I teach people to connect and commune with Gaia, the Spirit and Life Force of our planet and to activate and consciously integrate Her Life Force into our bodies and lives.

I have spent 38 years exploring, writing and teaching in the areas of cosmology, the esoteric sciences, Planetary Tantra and conscious evolution.

My offerings are an opportunity to get a harvest of that work, empower your own evolutionary journey and deepen the integration of your spirituality and embodiment.

                                                My offerings include:

Basic Meditation Practice.

Star Based Astrology and Tantric Techniques for Soul Fusion.

Advanced Meditation Practice for communing and co-creating with Gaia.

Tantric keys to your personalized soul purpose and path.

Cosmology, Mythology & the Esoteric mystery tradition.

Erotic, Life Force energy refuge and integration.

Deepening awareness of the Organic Light and Life Force and how to use it creatively.

“Reconnecting with Gaia, the planetary Spirit, a feminine, enfolding, boundary dissolving, terrestrial mind and spirit, the living breathing reality and context of our lives, is the only thing standing between us and Armageddon, personal or collective.”

– Heidi Astraia