Meditation Training

Meditation is the art of being aware of what is going on inside you and around you. That awareness makes it possible for us to find and stay in our Core of peaceful, loving wisdom and power.  This deep awareness also lets us consciously participate in the single sacred community of Earth and all her inhabitants.

I take a practical approach to meditation, working with rather than against the dynamic nature of the modern mind and lifestyle. In addition to sitting meditation, I practice and teach active meditations such as Walking meditation, Breath Body Mudra and Yoga meditations, SUP Yoga, Quantum Light Breath meditation and Ecstatic Dance.

Meditating with the whole body is very effective for shutting down the “monkey mind” that’s preoccupied with rehearing the story of our roles, obligations and goals, or chasing after the next shiny banana 2.0.  Often our mind bounces around from one place to another, attaching itself to thoughts and ideas, comparing this and that, often engaging in negative and repetitive thought patterns or internal dialogues. Through meditation we learn to find the “off” button.  Instead of being enslaved by the mind, we become its master.

When we meditate with our whole body we have to concentrate or our movements will be clumsy and possibly painful.  A concentrated and controlled mind is reflected in a controlled and graceful flow in the body.  Mental concentration is the basis of all meditation.  I also encourage the cultivation of mental concentration and bodily stillness through silent standing and sitting meditations.  Having a variety of meditation styles to choose from allows for meditation in all circumstances.

I teach meditation in two phases. Initially, meditation is a practice of centering in our non-judgmental, observing Core Presence. It creates space for relaxation, stillness and equanimity. Advanced meditation skill allows us to operate from our foundational Core Presence, using the power of the mind to playfully engage in the dynamic of power-sharing with the Goddess whose body is the Earth. This works out in many expressions of beauty, healing, wonder, and transmutation.  I call this advanced practice Planetary Tantra Meditation.

The body and mind are our instruments, the setting for our practice is the energetic field of the living earth. Sometimes we will practice in a shelter. 

We will cover the topics:

What is meditation?

The goals of meditation.

Techniques and How to practice.

Various types of meditation such as:

            Quantum Light Breath



            Seed Thought




            Lying down

            Yoga, Mudra, SUP Yoga and Ecstatic Dance

            Planetary Tantra meditation

Obstacles to meditation.

Group meditation as world service.

I suggest a class once a week, however, your learning should be self paced, so, you choose how often to get a class. If you live nearby we can meet in person, if not you can learn from me online.  Take your smart phone outside into a natural setting, where you still get signal, and tune into one of my classes. 

About Heidi:

My classes, workshops and retreats are an opportunity to explore the link between your personal journey of tantric transformation and the big picture of cosmology; the evolution of the life of our planet journeying in an electromagnetic universe. 

Many equate their spirituality with light and consciousness but this is still part of a duality. How do we get beyond this into the divine Life Force which is the essence of both consciousness and form?

I teach people to connect and commune with Gaia, the Spirit and Life Force of our planet and to activate and consciously integrate Her Life Force with our light body and our physical body. I have spent 38 years exploring, writing and teaching in the areas of cosmology, the esoteric sciences, Planetary Tantra and initiation. 

My offerings are an opportunity to get a harvest of that work, empower your own initiatory journey and deepen the integration of your spirituality and embodiment.

My offerings include:

Basic Meditation Practice.

Star Based Astrology and Tantric Techniques for Soul Fusion.

Advanced Meditation Practice for communing and co-creating with Gaia.

Tantric keys to your personalized soul purpose and path.

Cosmology, Mythology & the Esoteric mystery tradition.

Erotic, Life Force energy refuge and integration.

Deepening awareness of the Organic Light and Life Force and how to use it creatively. 


“Reconnecting with Gaia, the planetary Spirit, a feminine, enfolding, boundary dissolving terrestrial mind, the living breathing reality and context of our lives, is the only thing standing between us and Armageddon, personal or collective”. – Heidi