Esoteric Numerology Readings

Esoteric numerology is an ancient study of the patterns and energies that are expressed in our lives through the interpretation of our name and birthdate numbers. Pythagoras was a Greek esoteric educator and the most famous practitioner of esoteric numerology. He taught the system I practice in his mystery school and his students used it in their daily lives.

I have been a student of this system as expressed through Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker’s work for more than 25 years. I have found it helps to inform our work and service by understanding how to work with the cycles and energies that they describe, to bring greater skill and awareness to all areas of our life.

The readings that I offer involve a full chart construction and interpretation which takes several hours to complete before meeting for the consultation. The consultations purpose is to review and educate the client about opportunities and challenges in their life, as expressed through their numbers and how to work with them more effectively.

Consultations generally last 1-2 hours and are recorded for the client’s later review. This also includes a copy of the chart and notes to take home for further review as well. Cost is a sliding scale of $100-150, depending on ability to pay. Trades and barter are also possible for all or part of the cost.

Contact Information:

Maya Costley

Certified Health Coach

Gaia’s Dream Health Coaching

(479) 244-0650