Star Based Astrology Consultations

For information on receiving a Star Based Astrological Reading, please contact or call Heidi Astraia at 479-363-7024. All readings are donation based, but I do ask you to consider that the full natal life path readings are one hour and require 4-5 hours of preparation.  Readings can be done in person or over the phone or on Skype.  You’ll also receive a digital file full color chart in high res for printing purposes, and a recording (MP3) of our conversation.


1 – Full Life Path reading.  Includes 1 hour consultation in person or by phone or Skype, a digital file full color chart (see chart #4 as example) in high res for printing purposes, and a recording (MP3) of our conversation.  Suggested donation baseline: $125.00

2 – Simple Chart.  No reading.  Suggested donation baseline: $25.00

3 – Chart with Ray Profile and aspects.  No reading.  Suggested donation baseline: $35.00

4 – Chart with Ray Profile elaborated, Starry Wisdom Channel for your Soul Path, Soul Dakini and aspects.  No reading. Suggested donation baseline. $50.00

5 – Call for a quick verbal consultation of your Star Based Chart.  I can tell you where your Sun, moon and other planets are, and what your ascendant is.  15 -30 minutes.  Suggested donation baseline: $15.00.

About Star Based Astrology

My astrological practice is neither Sidereal nor Tropical in nature.    What I use is called Star Based astrology.   While the Sidereal methods are more accurate than the Tropic, neither are truly accurate compared with Star Based Astrology which utilizes the actual, astronomically factual, solar zodiac.

Neither Tropic nor Sidereal methods recognize certain very important astronomical facts such as:

  • There are thirteen constellations on the solar ecliptic*  not twelve. The 10th constellation, between the Scorpion and the Archer is Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler. This is the Real Solar Zodiac, also known as the Star Based Zodiac.
  • The 12 signs of Tropic and Sidereal astrology are all the same size, each of them are 30 degrees of the zodiac, giving the impression that the Solar transit is 30 days in each sign.  This is a fantasy.   Constellations don’t have the same length.  For example, the Sun moves through the Scorpion in only 7 days while it moves through the Virgin in 45 days.
  • For ages the first sign of the zodiac has been indicated by the Spring Equinox (March 20). At the time of the Spring Equinox the sun is in the Fishes, therefore the first constellation of the zodiac isn’t the Ram, it is the Fishes.  It was in the Ram a couple thousand years ago, but the alignment between the Earth and the Stars changes and now the Spring Equinox occurs while the Sun transits the Fishes constellation.  This is why we are in “the Age of Pisces (Fishes).  We will be in the Age of Aquarius (The Waterbearer) when the Spring Equinox occurs in the Waterbearer constellation in the year 2600.
  • The Sun does not start transiting the Ram on the 21st of March, it starts on the 19th of April.
  • In fact all the “Tropical signs” are now shifted by almost one whole sign in comparison with astronomical reality.

While you may feel that your Tropic or Sidereal chart is pretty accurate, you’ll be convinced of how much more relevant and useful your Star Based Chart is.  Not only does it reflect your personality traits accurately, it reveals your Soul Path in this life, and your Spiritual Purpose.  Other forms of astrology may claim to do that as well, but they can’t because they are not using the actual stars of the ecliptic*.

We live in an evolutionary time and people all over the world are awakening from the Piscean mindset that so often substituted illusion for reality.  People today want to know our real position in relation to the Sun, the Moon, the Planets and Stars and are ready to move on to a truly Star Based system.  I understand why astrologers are so deeply invested and attached to the old story, but they must free themselves from their history and become the Star Readers they are designed to be.  I believe that we can no longer tolerate a zodiacal map that is grievously incorrect and I predict that in the near future we will see a mass awakening to and use of the Real or Star Based Zodiac.

I prefer the fresh, organic, raw and natural starscape to the artificial zodiac. I view systems other than Star Based as a form of mesmerism — designed to convince people that astrologers are reading your destiny in the stars when in fact the Stars are not even included in your chart. We simply have to look at the stars as the true compass. In this age of disinformation and confusion we must keep this banner of correct orientation held high.

Many astrologers argue for the old thoughtforms they use.  All I can say to them is that I’ve learned what “Organic” means and how to apply it not only to the foods I eat but to the thought forms I allow to occupy my Mind.

Aside from casting and reading charts I also love to teach others about Star Based Astrology.  One of my missions in life is to restore integrity to Astrology by re-grafting it to the original Astronomical Root it came from.  This is the only move that makes sense for Astrology in today’s Space Age World.  Please contact me for a Star Based Chart or a class in Star Based Astrology.


To learn more about Star Based Astrology go here:

*The solar ecliptic is the apparent annual path of the sun in the heavens, along which are located the 13 constellations of the zodiac.